The Jungle's magic Adventures : Thea's Passage

Are you ready for a faraway voyage, amidst an imaginary jungle ?
Will you get into another dimension ?
Will you follow an extraordinary adventurer with magic powers through the Passage ?

Will you accompany him inside a mysterious world, where reality is illusion, and where illusion can sometimes turn into reality ?

Here stands the Passage, right in front of you :
Don't look for a key; just be open-minded

The passage opens the gates to a strange world

Where weird characters and creatures are expecting you

Princess Thea, the Jungle Amazons, Camille the gorilla, the playful bees,

Capucin the conjurer duck or even the Man in the round hat...

You will follow the pace of the successive tests Princess Thea will have to overcome

To counterbalance the hold of frightful Angxatar, the terrible conjurer :

The jail of flames, the world of weightlessness, the sphere-like machine or the light cage
They all need you, as nothing is possible

... Without travellers...

The Jungle's Magic Adventures is an all-viewers' tale,
Performed inside an 80 sq.m. scenery,
Showing an imaginary Jungle containing astounding magic machinery.
Mixing illusion, dance, shadowy effects, juggling and giant beasts,
This 90 minutes' show proposing 5 artists on stage will take children as well as adults through an incredibly powerful interactive magic world


Script, Text and Direction
Pierre Fleury-Le Gros

Scenery's Design and Building
Jean-Marie Rohou
Pierre Fleury-Le Gros

Géraldine Le Labourier

Pierre Fleury-Le Gros
Alexis Migne

Wardrobe's Design and Production
Géraldine Le Labourier
Michèle Chabriard
Michèle Fontaine

Lighting Artist
Alexis Migne

Sound Engineering
Mickaël Migne

Leading Stage Hand
Thierry Le Poec

assisted by
Frédéric Perant

Magic Machinery Creation
Christian Cécile
Marc-Antoine Productions
Paul Osborne (USA)
Mark Kalin (USA)
Jim Steinmeyer (USA)

Magic Machinery Building
Christian Cécile
Pierre Fleury-Le Gros
WK Magic - William Kennedy construction (USA)

Servo-control Lighting programming
Pierre Fleury-Le Gros

Laser show Designing and Encoding
Pierre Fleury-Le Gros

Magic Machinery Development and Computerization
Marc Antoine production

Magic Machinery Computerizing Consultant
Cédric Marien

Scenery's Automation Systems Consultant
Société ETN

Scenery's Automation Prototypes Designing
Michel Paté

Laser Programming Consultant
Alain Zetek - Laser Emotion

Magnetic Systems Consultant
Christophe Maizeray

Pneumatic Systems Consultant
Fluid service

Servo-control Lighting



Pierre Fleury-Le Gros - A Magician and the Company's Art Director

Born on December, 31, 1972, Pierre finds an interest in conjuring at the age of 12, after meeting Pierre Lajeunesse, an American magician who offers to be his mentor. After setting up a first trial number that was rewarded in 1998 and 1999 at the French Magic Championship, he built up his own company « Dragonfly Magic », in 2004 and wrote a magic children's tale entitled « Magic Adventures in the Jungle ».

From 2004 on, he integrated laser technology in his performances, developing an activity as designer and director of laser shows for event-making and live-performing professionals. In 2008, Pierre conceived a laser show for One Love a dance performance designed for Fractal production. He participated in the elaboration of several laser shows for 'son et lumiere' displays. He is also a regular laser operator on events directed by Alain Zeteck (Laser Emotion).

In 2001, his constant interest for producing magic numbers had made him join the committee in charge of checking the numbers entering competition for the French Magic Championships. Thus, alongside Thierry Schanen and Géraldine Le Labourier, he elaborated analytic reports aimed at helping the would-be candidates.

By college background a lawyer with a Ph.D. in private law and criminal studies, he works as Qualified Lecturer at the University of Le Havre, France, thus combining both his taste for law and conjuring.
Within his university's Research Laboratory in International Fundamental Law , he produced various articles aimed at conceiving legal tools for the protection of copyright in the field of magic such as

« I Wish I had a Piano!, A Study in Conjurers' Numbers Counterfeiting » (Dalloz , 2004)
« Protecting Secrets in Magic Works Thanks to Artistic Copyright » (Lexis-Nexis,2005)
« Magic Machines and Magic Works; Qualifying Creation » (Lexis-Nexis 2009)

In 2008 and 2009, he delivered lectures based on the preceding issues for FFAP (the French Federation of Artist Conjurers) with a view to putting forward the rights and liabilities of users and creators in magic works and machinery.

Inside the company, he works on designing new numbers, building some machines and scenery elements himself, along with programming servo-control lighting and laser effects. He also enacts the Travelling Magician.
Géraldine Le Labourier : A Dancer, Choreographer and Magician

Trained in ballet and jazz dancing, Géraldine, was joint designer with Pierre of her first magic number in 1998. Growing a passion for conjuring, she quickly got invested in all the projects until the creation of the Company in 2004. A choreographer, she is in charge of designing and producing most costumes. She appears in every grand illusion part of the show as leading character Princess Thea.
Julia Godreuil : A Dancer

Julia, a modern jazz dance teacher, graduated after training with « Harmonic Studio » in Paris. She then appeared in a number of shows, notably under the direction of Bruno Collinet for « Broadway Suite » and with Sylvette Reynes in a clip entitled Noon.
She joined the Company in 2008 as dancer and magician's stage assistant.
Chloé Debelle : A Dancer

Chloé Debelle , a ballet dancer, has been rewarded on several occasions in national competitive ballet contests organised in Bayonne, Caen, Nimes and Valenciennes.
She performed repeatedly for Metz Opera house creations and joined the company in 2006 as dancer and magician's stage assistant.
Alexis Migne : Lighting Artist

Making light really magical, Alexis participated in numerous festivals, concerts and events among which :
Polyfolia, Jazz in the Apple-yard, A City on Stage and Crossing to Tatihou. He has been with the company since the very beginning and greatly contributed to its evolution through his proposals.

A technical advisor, he is responsible for the evolution of the logistics part. Both lighting artist and leading stage hand he is the link between the production and stage crews whom he leads throughout the show.
Frédéric Pérant : A Juggler and Actor

Frédéric, a comedian as well as a juggler has specialised in handling canes, hats and bouncing balls.
His motto : "Never mind the number of balls you are throwing, what really matters is why you are throwing them » Anyway, the legend has it that he can handle a lot of them...Inside a burlesque and poetic personal world, he excels in manipulating both objects and body and how could you know who manipulates what ? In numerous festivals with "Stage Voyage" and his own creative performances in cabarets Vis comica, cSpray Circus... - and Magic shows - CMS Gala, Magic Binic... -, Frédéric gathered a variety of experiences, to the point of performing in an Indian mountain village.

As a comedian, he enacted on the one hand funny characters with Mich JO, and on the other hand tragic ones, like in Anouilh's Antigone. He has been with the company since its creation and his position is pivotal as he assumes several parts in the show as a juggler and an actor, namely Camille the gorilla, the children's smiling and moving favourite.
Mickaël Migne : Sound Engineer

Mickaël, our sound engineer has worked on a lot of festivals : Jazz in the Apple-yard, Versailles Night Festivals, Music Neck Airs, Deauville's American Film Festival.
He was a crew member in Carhais Old Plough Festival and U2 latest concert at the Stade de France. With us since the creation of the company, Mickaël has enabled the team to improve in the technical field along the years, defining the best possible sound choices for the comfort of our audience.
Thierry Le Poec : Stage Hand and Driver

Thierry, a sound stage manager mainly works on the public address system in concerts and festivals as front and return sound operator. He put his skills in the service of very different events. A return sound operator since 2004 for the Basse-Normandie Orchestra, Thierry had the same responsibility with Paris Solidays Festiva, Pascal Brunner, Neck'Airs and Hellfest Summer Open Air Festival.

He joined the company in 2008, bringing his wide experience in stage control.
A magician who remains invisible, he supervises backstage machinery and scenery changes with the necessary precision and coolness. He is also in charge of conveying the 5 tons of equipment that are necessary to the show.


Christian Cécile : Designer and Machine Builder

Christian Cécile, a magician, is also designer and builder of magic machinery. In this function, he worked for Parc Astérix, Poitiers Futuroscope French and international magicians such as Arturo Brachetti, Galina, Jean Régil, Marc Antoine and les Philippart.

He also participated in a number of TV programmes namely, « Attention magie » and was employed by a lot of directors : Agathe Alexis, Alain Barsacq, Thierry Collet, Lisa Wurmser, Rufus, Christian Fechner, Daniel Mesguich and Jean Lacornerie. He designed and built several of the magic machines now in use in the company.
Marc-Antoine : Magic Machinery Creation

Marc-Antoine, a magician, has travelled round the world several times and produced his number « Fire Act » for the Monte-Carlo Magic Festival, in famous playhouses such as the Casino Casino des Folies Russes, Monte-Carlo Sporting Club and Paris Musée Grévin Theatre. He performed for TV shows in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France 2's "Le plus grand cabaret du monde".

He co-produced the "Parc Astérix Grand Illusion Show". A designer and developer of magic machines, he invented many of those used by the company for which he elaborated all the necessary automation systems. Ingenuity and a big smile, that's him.
Mark Kalin (USA) : Inventor and Designer of Magic Machines

A US conjurer, show producer, illusion inventor and designer, Marc Kalin was, in 1998, awarded the prize of Best Magician of the Year by the Magic Castle Art Academy, a distinction again awarded to him in 2008 by Fox TV. He performed in NBC's "World's Greatest Magicians", "Hidden Secrets of Magic", in Fox Family's "Magic on the edge" and Fox Tv's "World Magic Awards".

He also appeared as a recurrent performer in "Entertainment Tonight". He could be seen in 2009 in "A Performance for Siegfried and Roy" at London Palladium. With Jinger, his partner, Mark conceived many shows among which "BeforeYourVery Eyes," "Carnival of Wonders," and "Illusionarium,". As a consultant, Mark collaborated with our company to work out a particular design for "Fire spiker" an illusion piece he had created.

He is also the designer of "Eclipse" a magic machine the company incorporated in the show in 2007. Constantly handy and generous, his advice goes far beyond the mere elaboration of the illusion.
William Kennedy (WK Magic - USA) : Inventor and Designer of Magic Machines

In 1979, William started elaborating machinery for Doug Henning and his TV productions. He then conceived numerous special effects for Las Vegas shows, plays and musicals - Amour (Broadway), Into the West (Broadway), Mary Poppins (West End), Merlin (Broadway), and Ragtime (Broadway).

He also produced magic machines for these conjurers : Harry Blackstone, Lance Burton, David Copperfield, Franz Harary, Doug Henning, Ricky Jay, Kalin and Jinger,The Pendragons without mentioning Silvan, Rick Thomas and Rick Wilcox.
William masterminded the conception of machines for the company, with a very particular ability to adapt his creations to our technical requirements, patiently bringing in suggestions to obtain the perfect result we expected.
Jean-Marie Rohou : Decorator

Jean-Marie Rohou, who graduated at Paris School for Modern Arts, architecture section in 1973, learnt about Theatre painting techniques with the appointed painter for the "Variétés Company", Robert Pichard, himself a student of Roussart, the decorator of the Grand Theatre, in the interwar period.
Jean-Marie cultivates a passion for everything approaching theatre; he took to actor direction with Berio and learnt hat-designing with Denise Pichard. Enriched by these experiences, he created in 1984 the "Rainbow Theatre", an amateur company inside which he could put to the test his own creations and know-how.
He worked with several dancing schools, producing accessories and scenery.

He built for our company a lot of canvas and wooden scenery as well as special paintings for various magic machines. His unlimited passion for the theatre and the music-hall make him an enthusiastic creator, even if doubts keep assailing him which is the lot of any talented person.
Alain Zetek : Laser Consultant.

Alain Zetek, a laser show producer , set up many shows linked to national, even international events : Annecy' Lake Festival, D-Day's 65th anniversary, The National Festival in Gabon, Sibiu, a cultural capital in 2007, Confolens Festival. His multiple experiences in laser shows were exploited in shooting commercials for l'Oréal Company in Paris and Prague and developing special effects for video clips such as Robin William's « Rude box » or Alan Braxe's « The Watcher ».

A technical consultant for our company, Alain is always handy and ready to share his know-how. He notably intervened in the setting-up of specific programmes allowing the integration of laser technology in some of our machines.